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Kurts Ride For Hope – General Lee

"Yeeee Haaaa!" Kurt has been fighting off a brain tumor for the last 12 years. He’s 13. This fight has left him with significant residuals. He’s been through a lot. He’s always dreamed of riding in the General Lee Challenger from The Dukes of Hazzard. Together, as a community, we found him a brand new General Lee Hellcat Challenger (an some special apparel to go with the ride). He was so pumped. Special thanks to our driver and all who came out. This is a fun group we've got. I am so excited to see how many lives we can make a positive impact on with just a simple car ride!

Kadens Ride For Hope – Lambo

For our first "Ride For Hope" we had a birthday party for Kaden. He sat in almost every vehicle and gave it a good amount of gas. Kaden was born with his intestine in the wrong place. He had to go through several surgeries to fix that. He has some hearing loss, and is next to blind without his glasses. He has autism, global developmental delay, and motor/speech apraxia. He's come a long way for such a young man. He wanted to ride in a Lambo....so we got him a Lambo. Thank you to those who donated their time and rides. We look forward to growing this group and bringing joy to others!